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Students of Medicine | Highlights (Bronx HSMS)

Highlights (Bronx HSMS)

More facts about the Bronx High School for Medical Sciences

  • Fun Dress Code: Students wear green medical scrub uniforms
  • The School Day is an Extended Program (8:00 AM – 3:00PM)
  • A self-contained model allows students to stay in the same classroom and teachers rotate to classes.
  • 92% attendance is a requisite to apply to the program
  • Candidates that meet screening criteria must take a writing and math diagnostic assessment before a final decision is made for admission
  • The High School provides the Students of Medicine Pre-Med Program to its students free of charge
  • The Students of Medicine Pre-Med graduates have a 100% graduation rate from the High School
  • Several Students of Medicine graduates are placed directly into 6 year combined Undergraduate-Medical School programs

    Dr. Gebremedhin speaking to the Bronx HSMS Seniors

    Click here to meet Students of Medicine’s inspiring students from the Bronx HS for Medical Sciences