Mission and Values

We have a goal to place into reach, professional careers for the underprivileged youth of America through the use of innovative online learning tools. In 2006, we launched an annual online premed course available for free to inner city high school students who came from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The program continues to grow as it helps these students acheive their dreams of success.

We also have a committment to providing value to medical students who prepare for the challenging USMLE Examination. In the past, studies have shown a direct correlation between the MCAT exam and the USMLE Step 1 Exam. With our program, the Step 1 Method, we have shown that to be a faulty correlation. What we discovered is that students often had inadequate preparation for the exam, setting themselves up for poor performance. Founded in 2005, the program has helped thousands of students reach their goals on this exam. More importantly, we believe that medical students who are already burdened with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, should not shoulder more exorbitant costs. Our solution is a more cost-effective, and more efficient program that allows students to reach their own potential.

Our developing Global Medicine program acts to deliver up-to-date, evidence based medicine practice guidlines to health care professionals in resource poor settings using our innovative distance learning technology.