Premed Program

The goal of our program is to increase the number of doctors that come out of targeted areas with significant health care disparities (unequal quality of care). We not only focus on Urban areas with high percentages of racially underrepresented minorities, but also Rural areas that struggle with access to care from a lack of doctors to care for the sick. Being Urban, or rural born is a strong predictor of physicians who return back to these areas to practice medicine and help those in need, and we want to make sure these premed students have the tools they need to fulfill their dreams one day.

In 2007 we launched our online premed program in an urban area of the Bronx (NY). It is unique since it combines medical education, and premedical guidance, both from actual doctors such as Dr. Jimenez. Of the millions of students that start college premed, only 17,000 get in each year (and at even lower rates with urban and rural born students). Many don’t get in because they did not have the right guidance, or role models, and this course, along with other information on our website provides these resources to students anywhere in the country (or world). All premed students in the course would recommend the course to other students, as well as 100% of doctors surveyed who reviewed the course.