Testimonials from students who have used the Step 1 Method

2010 Testing Season

I used the Step 1 Method throughout the 2nd year, about three months out. It was great to have a resource to measure my classes against. It worked great, I scored a 248/99! – K.A., Atlanta 2010

I began my board study with other methods, with poor results. I found the Step 1 Method with only 8 weeks left; I was very nervous. The question-based nature of the Step 1 Method was difficult, but very effective. I was able to retain most of the information and sharpen my reasoning skills. I scored a 238/99 and am now excited to start the 3rd and 4th years with confidence. – B.T., Atlanta 2010

I just got my Step 1 score today, I can’t believe it. 256/99! Having the Step 1 Method as a coach was exactly what I needed. I studied mostly using questions. The Method also gave me motivation and inspiration. Keep doing what you are doing! – N.S., Boston 2010

I had to take the MCAT 3 times, and I had considered myself a horrible test-taker. I was so worried about not passing the Step 1 Exam. Thanks to the Step 1 Method, I passed on my first attempt, and broke 200! – V.K., Boston 2010

The result was truly amazing, and it exceeded ALL my expectations. I SCORED A 250/99, and I am still in shock! I feel like many doors have been opened for field and residency location. I am so grateful. Thank you again, Step 1 Method! – A.T., Boston 2010

There’s no avoiding the stress and nerves associated with Step 1, but the Step 1 Method made it so much more manageable and provided me with the tools and confidence I needed to excel. I scored a 250/99, which shocked me! – A.P., Boston 2010

Using the Step 1 Method, I increased my score 20 points in the last two weeks. I scored a 241/99. I couldn’t have done it without the Step 1 Method. Thank you so much! – P.Y., Boston 2010

I had failed the Step 1 Exam 3 times before discovering the Step 1 Method. I had taken expensive prep courses, and had spent thousands of dollars on unsuccessful methods. Not only was the Step 1 Method incredibly affordable, it helped me finally pass the Step 1 Exam, and I broke 200!. – KA, Chicago 2010

I failed the Step 1 Exam on my first attempt due to significant personal medical challenges. The 2nd time around, I used the Step One Method. It helped me to overcome these challenges, I scored a 215/90. The Step 1 Method improved my score by over 40 points. – AC, Boston 2010