The Learning Modules

The key topics in the online course are separated into learning modules. These modules are designed to be completed one by one. Each module begins with a pre-test that assesses your knowledge of the subject matter before you begin the lesson. After taking the pre-test, you will view the interactive lesson at your own pace. After completing the lesson, you will take a brief post-test to assess your retention of the material.

Find the Stem Module

In this module, we teach you the style of USMLE questions and how to attack them. We give you a systematic approach and strategy to tackling the “3-step” question.

The Principle of Free Association Module

In this module, we teach you how the Boards examiners come up with the information to put into Boards questions. By learning how to integrate topics seamlessly, you can learn how to anticipate Boards questions. We teach you exactly what you will need to know for each topic on the Boards so that you can prepare effectively.

The Principle of Question Strategy Module

In this module, we teach you how to become a good Step 1 Exam test-taker. We give you strategies to ensure that you finish every block of questions on time and get the highest score possible. We teach you how to approach a question when you do not know the answer. We give you proven strategies on how to guess effectively, and how to eliminate fear and anxiety from test-taking.

The Motivational Module

In this module, we focus on the mental preparation required to excel on the USMLE Step 1 Exam. We address the fears and anxiety that students have with respect to the test. We teach students how to focus and get the most out of their time when preparing. We show students how to balance their lives and schedules to avoid burnout in preparation for the Boards. Finally, we provide the necessary motivation to reach your true potential on this test.

The Anatomy of a Question (Coming Soon)

This exciting module is the next generation for students who want to have a proven strategy of how to attack the infamous “3-step question” and improve their score on the Step 1 Exam.

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