In order to meet the demand of schools who want to prepare their entire students body, The Step 1 Method Team provide a number of options designed to ensure success through collective group instruction.

What separates the Step 1 Method from other Prep services? Other intensive Test prep services focus on committing students to countless hours of lectures and attempt to teach students more medical facts in a virtual classroom. We empower medical students with the tools necessary to achieve their goals on the Step 1 Exam. Students have already sat through lectures for two years of medical school; more lectures simply waste valuable time. The fundamental fact that these courses ignore is that effective test preparation lies in simulation. In order to prepare students for this standardized test, they must learn material in the format that they will be tested in. The only way to do this is to learn from doing questions.

We teach students how to do questions in a high-yield manner that maximizes retention and learning. We also show them how they can supplement their learning from questions with selected, high-yield reading. We give students the power to anticipate potential Board questions and begin to think like the Boards examiners. We teach students the unique style of USMLE questions and how to attack these questions that focus on integration of medical topics. We give students the power to anticipate potential Board questions and begin to think like the Boards examiners. Furthermore, we teach students how take standardized medical tests. We know that medical students have the ability and potential to teach themselves the material. We empower medical students with tools necessary for them to achieve their goals. Finally, we understand the psychology of medical students preparing for this exam. No other prep service dedicates time and resources to optimizing the psychology and motivating students to do their best on the exam.

We provide one of three solutions for schools:

1) Individual Online Course Accounts for interested students (Kicked off with an online live web cast of the Step 1 Method Presentation by Dr. Gebremedhin)

2) School-wide online course accounts (Given to schools at volume discount in exchange for score data and feedback; this includes live webinars with Dr. Gebremedhin)

3) School-wide consulting (which includes live talks, online course accounts, and supplemental materials)

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Step 1 Method Speaking Request

Dr. Gebremedhin hopes to continue to spread the word on the program and continue to help medical students excel on this exam by continuing to speak locally at a limited amount of medical schools each year.

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