Inspiring Student Bio's

The inspiring student biographies you are about to hear are true. These students are the reason why we created our organization. Our efforts are matched and surpassed by these students’ drive to acheive and succeed. They have faced adversity and juggled responsibilities that most students their age should not even worry about. When thinking of donating to our organization, your donations and contributions go directly to helping these students succeed and make it to the next level of college and beyond.

Dr. Gebremedhin with the four outstanding Bronx HSMS Pre-Med program students

Student Bio’s

Lucy Ramirez:

Lucy lives in the East Bronx with her single mother. Lucy has 5 brothers and sisters of which she is essentially the primary care giver.
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Consuela Garcia:

Consuela lives on the east side of the Bronx, and commutes 1hr every day to come to school.
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Ifeoma Ackah

Ifeoma is originally from Ghana. She has 13 brothers and sisters. She lives here with her single mother. She would like to become a physician so that she may return to her underserved community and practice medicine as a physician here in NYC as well as in Ghana.

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